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and feel what it's like to show up without all the baggage you've been carrying and feel your Souls full radiance being expressed through you in all areas of your life! (Payment plans available below)

Claim who you REALLY are at your Soul level and let it be expressed in every part of your life!

Join me and other Soul inspired individuals now for a 3 month live activation + alignment journey to align Your Mindset + Your Body + Your Energy Field to allow you to be visible and share your Souls full radiance in all areas of your life.

This activation journey is for you if you know you have magic inside of you that you dull to keep yourself safe or to make others like you.

If you're ready to evolve these patterns, identities and roles into the truest expression of your Soul in all her beauty and magnificence. 

If you're done with hiding and staying small and if you answer YES to any of these below, then come on this journey with me and see how incredible and easy your life can be when you step out of resisting who you truly are and begin to energise those dearest to you by claiming your full Soul radiance. 

Do any of these resonate with you?

  • You feel called to share your work with the world but something just holds you back from making the impact you know you can make with it.

  • You just can't seem to get your relationship with your body to be one that fulfils both of you.

  • You fear being rejected or judged if you actually commit to your Souls fullest expression and the work you know you're here to do.

  • You have a huge win in your day but don't feel you can share it with others in case it upsets them.

  • You worry about people not liking you.

  • You worry that something you say might upset people.

  • You want to make others feel good but you feel you have to sacrifice your own happiness to do it.

  • You want to feel like you can be yourself and be accepted.

  • You want to feel happy on the deepest level and be able to fully express it.

If you answered YES, to any of these then keep reading to find out more.

What we'll cover: 

In this 3 month journey, we'll be evolving the energies and pain stories that have been stopping you from showing up & sharing your Souls full radiance in every interaction by mastering powerful energetic, mindset, embodiment and intuitive processes that will support you for the rest of your life.

  • We'll be aligning to & activating your Souls highest level desire for how she wishes to express herself through you.

  • We'll dive deep into & clear the stuck energies that are stopping you from connecting with the hearts of others fully.

  • You'll learn a powerful intuitive process to read where your energy is needing support and the equally powerful energetic process to evolve the stuck energies attached to them, quickly and easily in your everyday life.

  • You'll become a master at recognising whether it's a pain story or if it's your Soul being expressed in any moment and be able to re-align into your Souls expression instantly.

We often have trouble showing up & connecting when we don't feel safe to be intimate with others & our own Souls.

You may have had experiences when you were little that made you feel like you weren't wanted & that someone didn't want you around or maybe you even felt like your voice wasn't heard or desired.

We'll go through each layer, shifting the stuck energies & realigning you to your Original Radiant Soul State which we then activate so you're resourced & guided from this space.

You're going to finally free yourself from the energies that are keeping you from putting your Soul out there & letting people know who you really are & allowing them to enjoy you in the most authentic way.

The good news is that the energy that's been keeping you stuck can be moved & it doesn't have to be painful or drawn out.

Here's what's included in our 3 month journey together:

  • 1hr Soul Retreat Zoom Calls: Group alignment and activation calls every week over our 3 months together. Grab your welcome gifts and settle in because these calls are where the magic happens. We identify where you’re out of alignment with being able to show up and share your Soul easily, joyfully and in her highest expression. We'll check out which areas in your energy field aren't aligned, move the energy, then align and activate your being so it can support you in bringing your Soul radiance to the world.

  • Recordings of all calls uploaded to the private members site.  You can download the calls to listen to as often as you like which will re-align and activate you further. These are especially useful after our 3 months together is complete as they will continue to support you because as you keep showing up more, new layers of the stuck energy reveals itself and needs to be shifted.

  • Activation audio recordings. These recorded audio activations are designed for you to listen to when you feel stuck or needing to energise your goal. They're an important resource for you to use throughout our journey and beyond. The stuck energies creating self sabotage, have layers that have been created over the life-times of your Soul and as you shift each layer, another one rises to be moved so you can further align with your Soul.

  • Private Facebook group. Our very own group of like-minded Souls who are experiencing the same challenges as you, to support and hold space for one another as we upgrade and step into the Radiant Souls  we are. In this group, I'll be checking in with you regularly, answering questions and offering my intuitive guidance and energetic support which is really helpful when you start to wobble around an old identity you're evolving.


I believe that you need extra support when you're upgrading your system, both when you're first getting started and as you move through the upgrade, so I'm including some supercharging bonuses to support your elevation and alignment to be as nurturing and as pleasurable as possible.

  • 1hr Embodied Soul Alignment Session Valued at $750

    At the beginning of your journey, we'll come together via Zoom where I'll read your energy field and work with it to connect with your Soul’s highest level desire right now. We'll begin to align Your Mindset + Your Body + Your Energy Field with that desire and activate it so you have a clear direction of what you'll be working towards in our 3 month journey together.

  • A Support Package of Energetically Aligned Goodies Valued at $125

    Once you sign up and have your 1-1 session, I read your energy field and create your embellished candle, roll-on essential oil blend and essential oil mist and pop it in the post for you to enjoy as you upgrade your system.of These are all energetically aligned and personalised products individually handmade by myself, for your journey designed to re-align, nurture and energise you along the way.

To achieve anything these three things must be in complete alignment.

I'm going to align them with you and teach you the energy tools to re-align them yourself moving forward.

  • Your Mindset

    Your thoughts and beliefs need to be aligned with the Soul desire you want to create or your mind will resist it's creation and keep getting in your way.

  • Your Body

    When you're body is aligned to the Soul desire you're creating, it supports you with ease and comfort as you take action.

  • Your Energy Field

    Your energy field is where the magic exists and is the first thing you need to align to your Soul desire because it holds the blueprint for the others as well as the blueprint for the desire waiting to be created.

Say yes to your Soul and her truest expression now, not tomorrow coz she won't wait!

I'm offering you the support you need to make this real so you can show up in the way you know you're meant to.

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    Early Bird special (save $500)

    I'm in!

Refund Policy

No refunds are offered as this is a live journey and it requires your commitment and dedication to showing up.

It's a calling from your Soul to say yes to her and to step into her highest level expression. This is a journey that you should feel a resounding "yes" towards before you join as it continues long after our time together.

Disclaimer: All products and services offered on this website are designed to offer support and guidance and we make no claim as to the individual results achieved.