Master your moods now & take back control of how you react to life!

Create a harmonious flow between your moods with a simple and powerful tool that elevates your mood and your energy anywhere and anytime.

Do you have moments throughout your day where you feel like the world is collapsing in on top of you and that you can't seem to pick yourself up and if you do, it feels like a struggle?

In this program, you'll learn how to navigate these moments with more ease and comfort and also begin learning to read and work with your energy in your everyday life to process whatever comes up for you from an expanded state. 

You'll learn how energy influences your ability to move through your moods and how to work with it so you can shift your energy and your moods easily. 

You'll walk away with a powerful process that's simple and doesn't require any materials so you can practice it quickly and easily anywhere and anytime. The more you practice this process the quicker and more automatic it becomes for you. 

The results are instant and you'll be wondering how you ever lived without it. 

I want to help you navigate this super challenging time by offering you a new way of processing what comes up.

This space created by lockdowns and isolation doesn't have to be uncomfortable if you have tools & processes to support you in understanding and moving through the 'stuff' that comes up when you're alone. Don't keep letting your pain stories control how you react to life, take back the power and start expressing your full Soul Radiance!

Working with energy isn't something reserved for energy workers, it's a skill that comes naturally to everyone when they have the right tools and guidance. That's where I come in... I'm an expert in revolutionising the way people process the uncomfortable emotions and thoughts they experience in life by teaching them how to read and shift their energy. I've been working with energy since I was a little girl and have been using this skill to help others identify and move their energy so that they can experience life with more ease, comfort and joy as they navigate the many uncomfortable situations we find ourselves in.

Join me in this powerful masterclass to revolutionise your relationship with the emotional highs and lows of life by learning the true purpose of every uncomfortable feeling, thought or experience and then how to quickly shift out of it.

This masterclass is for you if you're done with your current way of struggling through life and your interactions, and are ready to up-level your emotional processing system beyond what you ever believed possible.

Do any of these resonate with you?

  • You feel confused or agitated more often than you'd care to admit to yourself.

  • You struggle with handling conflict.

  • You feel like you're on an emotional rollercoaster.

  • You just want to feel peace in your heart. 

  •           You wonder if life is going to get any easier than this

  •           You're exhausted by life.

  • It feels like life is just one challenge after another.

I've been where you are, I know your pain and I only wish I knew then what I know now which is why I'm showing up for you in this moment.

Life doesn't have to be hard, even the more difficult times can actually be pleasurable to move through which is something I could never have imagined possible. But it is!

You see, so many of us aren't even aware that there's more to what makes up our human experience than we realise and that's what I'm here to introduce you to.

Imagine feeling an uncomfortable feeling or emotion and knowing exactly what to do to move through it with ease and even pleasure.

In this masterclass, that's exactly what you'll learn. 

It will take you half an hour to go through the training & totally change the way you see life and those hard moments.

I'm all about getting maximum transformation in the shortest amount of time which is why I didn't include any fillers or fluff in this class. I want you to learn the process and start using it straight away coz that's where the mastery happens, it's in the doing!

So here's what's inside Minute Mood Makeover:

  • A welcome video (4mins)- A message to welcome you and let you know how it will work as we journey through this powerful class. 

  • Where are you at right now? survey: to establish your current state.

  • How energy influences your mood training video (5mins)- I give you a brief explanation of your energy field and how it woks in relation to your moods.

  • How to elevate your mood and your energy training video (17mins)- This is the powerful one! I take you through an example of a common experience and explain what's happening energetically as I teach you the process of shifting the energy. This technique is actually energetically installing a new template for you to draw upon when you notice you're in a stressed state so you can choose the new pathway and outcome. 

  • Energetic Upgrade Audio- Listen to this guided audio to expand and elevate your energy. It's energetically aligned to move the energy even if you're not consciously doing the practice.

  • Emotional Impact Chart- This chart is designed to help you identify the state of your energy field based on the emotion you're in.

A gift from my Soul to yours

To make this easy for you to say yes to your Souls deepest desire for you to step out of the current painful patterns you're in and to support you in getting started on your journey, I've made this super affordable at only $99 (valued at $197)

Refund Policy

No refunds are offered as this journey requires your commitment and dedication to showing up and doing the work.

It's a calling from your Soul to say yes and to step into her/his highest level expression. This is a journey that you should feel a resounding "yes" towards before you join as it continues long after our time together.

Disclaimer: All products and services offered on this website are designed to offer support and guidance and we make no claim as to the individual results achieved.